Saturday, July 2, 2011


Located in Washington DC on P and 17 Streets right next to a CVS is one of the most amazing restaurant I've ever set my foot in. 

After being seated in a very simple yet elegantly decorated restaurant you are presented with a metal plated menu.  Inside there was no printed menu to order from but a list of wines and hand full of beers. Dinner is a set multi-course with a fixed price.  The only decision you need to make is whether you want to order wine/beer, or the optional wine pairing.  I recommend the wine pairing, it's worth the price.

Once you've decided on your beverage, course after course just starts to pour out of the kitchen.  Every course was paired with either wine or beer served in their respected glass.  Most of the dishes were small one biters with amazing flavor. All of the dishes were served with perfect timing and perfect temperature.  Everything was prepared fresh and beautifully presented.  It's a shame they don't allow photographs because all of the courses looked like art.

Sometimes fine dining means leaving hungry.  I can't remember how many courses we had but we spent around 2 hours eating course after course.  To put it in perspective there were around 4 different courses just on dessert.  Considering the price, we left satisfied and felt it was worth every penny.

Service was amazing from servers to the sommelier.  They were all very enthusiastic about what they were serving and explained everything they served you.  They were all very personable without being obtrusive.  The restaurant is setup like an oval track. There where tables around the outer perimeter and a hand full in the middle, leaving a walk way all the way around.  The whole front of the house worked together as a team and attended to every diner by walking around the whole restaurant.

The overall dining experience was amazing.  Everything from the atmosphere, to the food, and the service was world class.  It was really fine dining without being stuffy.

  • Call 30 days in advanced to RSVP, there is no walk in.
  • Order the wine pairing, it's worth the money.
  • Don't bother bringing your camera and just enjoy the experience.

1509 17th Street
Washington DC 20036

Rating: ●●●●●

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