Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Buz and Ned's - Friends and Family night

The all new Buz and Ned's friends and family soft opening night.  People started lining up very early in the evening.

Very nicely done building with rustic look.

A cool looking metal rooster greets you at the front door. 

A small bathtub inside the front entrance with 4 faucets to let you wash your hands before and after you eat.

Ordering counter with 3 registers. 

Men and women grilling. 

Master at work. 

The master showing everyone how it's done. 

All on the grill.

Ready for the rush.

Dressing the pork.

Who want's some ribs!

BBQ hand pulled pork sandwich.

Jumbo beef rib.

Beautiful pair of tender, juicy, baby-back pork ribs. It almost looks like a pair of pork nigiri. 

Front server pickup counter.

Dinning area is huge with a big ass fan over top. 

A large bar with pretty nice selection of beer and liquor. 

The smoker side of the building. 

Where the magic happens. 

People are still lining up at 7:30 p.m.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Six Burner - Fried Chicken "sous vide" Brunch Sneak Preview



Serving waffles.

Serving fried chicken.


Thai iced tea fried chicken, Korean BBQ fried chicken, kimchi, greens, and waffle. 

Very juicy Thai iced tea fried chicken.

Green tea panna cotta dessert.

Friendly owner.

Friendly staff.

Nice little bar.

Fresh orchids.