Sunday, February 27, 2011

Habanero Mexican Grill

Tried this “real Mexican taco” joint off of 9101 Quioccasin road, Habanero Mexican Grill. It’s a small walk in place with 3 small tables and couple of chairs each. There is one out door table that fits 4. The decor has a bit of Chipotle look to it, use of aluminum panels at the ordering counter.

Started off with some chips and guacamole. Very typical chips (same as the stuff you get from Mexican restaurants). The guac, it was fresh but not a whole lot of seasoning to it.

Ordered 3 tacos, de Cabeza (cow’s head), Carnitas (fried pork), and cow tongue. All tacos are served on layers of soft corn tortillas with cilantro, chopped onions, and some very kick ass sauce on top. If you don’t like spicy food, you might get your ass kick by this sauce. If you like spicy food, you would find the sauce very tasty and applied just the right amount by the chef on each taco.

Cabeza (cow’s head), out of the three I like this the least. Doesn’t have a very unique flavor. If you like beef tacos, this is a good alternative because the meat in this taco is much more tender than regular beef taco.

Carnitas (fried pork), love this taco, full of flavor with nice creamy mouth feel from the fat. It’s like eating tender lightly cooked bacon. If you are one of those pansies that’s afraid of fatty meat DO NOT ORDER THIS.

Cow tongue, another home run, unique flavors with tender cow tongue. Nice size chunks too! Check out those taste buds looking at you, say hi.

Another shot of this tasty tongue.

Finish off the meal with desert empanadas. Not liking it, it’s dry and hard like a cookie. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall these are some of the best taco I’ve had in Richmond VA. Tortillas are soft, warm, and not brittle. Filling are fresh and prepared when order. Sauce is applied with the right balance so you can still taste the ingredient. These small hole in the wall place usually have some awesome food and it didn’t disappointed.

They also have a taco cart shows up during lunch on the corner of 10th and main st. But they only offer beef, chicken, and pork at the cart. If you want some yummy tongue you’ll have to pay them a visit at the restaurant.

9101 Quioccasin Rd
Richmond, VA 23229

Rating: ●●●●○