Friday, June 24, 2011

White Anchovies

Located at the corner of a little strip mall. From the outside doesn’t look like much but the inside has a casual fan restaurant atmosphere.
Cucumber rosemary gin and tonic very fragrant and refreshing. Reminds me of those cucumber water you get at a spa except it will get you drunk.

Flat bread is served with good olive oil. The bread is seasoned well, however somewhat hard and not in a light and crispy way.

White anchovies appetizer, not salty with a nice citrus flavor. It has a nice firm texture unlike most canned anchovies you find on your delivery pizzas. The olive oil and diced tomatoes round off the flavor of the tart anchovies nicely.

Shrimp ceviche over polenta cake. The presentation is quite nice. The shrimp has a nice firm texture but for me a bit too tart. Polenta cake is nicely fried and seasoned.

Duck and fig pizza, it’s just mediocre. There is nothing special about the pizza dough, both the duck meat and the figs are a bit dry.

Roasted branzini with spicy sauce. The fish is fresh, cooked and seasoned perfectly. The branzini is stuffed with fresh oregano to add some aromatic. The sauce is spicy but refreshing at the same time. The sauce kind of reminds me of freshly grated horseradish.

Skirt steak with mashed eggplant potato. This is the most tender and well-cooked skirt steak I’ve ever had. It started to bleed as soon as you cut into it. The mashed eggplant potato on the other hand is quite ordinary. I didn’t really taste any eggplant, it’s more like a regular mashed potato.

Overall a great experience, but it is a bit pricey. For the price point, I was expecting a little bit more portion wise.

3061 Lauderdale Drive,
Richmond, VA 23233

Rating: ●●●○○


  1. May I please borrow the gin & tonic photo from this post on my blog? I don't write about food; it's a parenting/middle age blog, but I do include a cocktail with each post. Of course I'll attribute. Thanks for considering!